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Black Gold Purple Plug In Fragrance Warmer

Black Gold Purple Plug In Fragrance Warmer

12,99£ Preço normal
9,99£Preço promocional

Our exciting range of marvellous Mosaic Plug in Warmers are the perfect product for inducing relaxing days of smelling your favourite scent.


The extraordinary Mosaic design comes to life the minute you switch the device on, giving you an immersive display of light and a warm glow.  Simply place a piece of wax on top of one of our stylish plug in mosaic burners and wait a matter of seconds before you smell your favourite scents as the wax begins to melt. The sealed plate on top of the unit ensures no wax can drip into the bulb area for safety. Made from ceramic and glass and available in various different designs.


Each Plug in Warmer is fitted with a safety pin at the base of the Mosaic casing. This adds protection against small children accessing the bulb area or knocking the casing off the unit itself. When the time comes to change the bulb, this pin will need to be removed before twisting the casing and lifting it from the unit.


  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Safety Pin to keep small children away from the bulb area
  • New and Improved fuse access
  • 3-Pin UK Mains Powered
  • Instructions Included
  • Bulb Included
  • Exclusive Product in Sense Aroma.