Black Pearl Heart Oval Mosaic Wax Warmer

Black Pearl Heart Oval Mosaic Wax Warmer


Adding a touch of wax melt heaven to any socket in your home. The Black Heart Oval Wax Warmer features mirrored hearts to reflect the inner glow from the bulb. There never needs to be a scentless room in your home again! Simply plug in, add a small amount of your favourite scented wax, and gaze at the lovely feature, bringing you warmth and ambience.


14 cm in height.


Due to the nature of the product we only recommend using a 9w bulb and using a soya based wax that has a low melting point, using a paraffin based product is not suitable as the heat produced will not melt a paraffin wax as it requires a high melting point.


Due to this we will not accept returns other than your normal statutory rights.