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Contemplation Mini Water Feature

Contemplation Mini Water Feature


The Contemplation Indoor Water Feature is a highly decorative, beautifully crafted poly-resin appliance. Tranquil grey tones will add a touch of elegance and mystery to the décor of any home.  As the night draws in, the fountain looks even more spectacular as the LED light ring illuminates the mesmerising glass spinning ball that moves with the flow of the water.


The Harmony was designed with tranquillity in mind. Featuring our mesmerising glass, spinning ball, your customers will be captured in a trance by the beauty and relaxing effects of the whole fountain.

Watch in awe at the ball lights up, thanks to the LED disc below. 


The kneeling Buddha is the perfect symbol of peace and wellness. Ensuring those who house the Harmony fountain are reminded to take care of themselves by relaxing and surrendering themselves to the tranquil sound of running water. 


Our indoor water fountains are easy to set-up and use, and can also be easily moved around the home, so you can enjoy your water feature no matter where you chose to spend your time relaxing! Simply connect the tube to the pump, fill the tank with water and switch on. 


A tranquil addition to any home, many customers enjoy using an indoor water fountain alongside their meditation practises to immerse themselves in a peaceful, relaxing environment before concentrating on their Chakra's.


  • Water Circulation Pump with LED Included
  • 1.5m Power Cable
  • USB Connectivity
  • Instructions Included
  • H:13.5cm W:13.5cm D:18cm
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