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Marble Pyrus Diffuser

Marble Pyrus Diffuser

29,99£ Precio
19,99£Precio de oferta

This Marble Pyrus Diffuser offers a unique, stylish design to bring a touch of luxury to any space. Featuring a sleek marble design and touch technology to easily operate the ON/OFF function and lighting system. The Pyrus diffuser holds up to 200ml of water and provides up to 5 hours of misting. You can also enjoy a plethora of colourful lights either by letting the LED light fade through the colour spectrum or by selecting a static colour to set the mood.


The Pyrus Ultrasonic Diffuser has a built in shut-off feature that automatically kicks in when the diffuser is running low on water. This prevents any damage occuring the to ultrasonic chamber and ensures the longevity of your diffuser!


What's more is you have complete control over your diffuser and how it behaves... You can opt for a continuous stream of mist that lasts either 1 or 3 hours OR you can opt for the intermittent mist setting which will trigger your diffuser to mist every 30 seconds. 


This device can be used with fragrance oils or essential oils.


What's Included:

1x Pyrus Diffuser
1x Power Cable
1x Instructions Manual