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Nirvana Buddha Water Feature Fountain

Nirvana Buddha Water Feature Fountain

34,99£ Precio
24,99£Precio de oferta

Introducing the Nirvana Indoor Water Feature, a stunningly crafted poly-resin decoration designed to enhance the ambiance of any home. With its rich, dark colours and delicate silver accents, this fountain brings an air of sophistication to your living space. As daylight fades, watch in awe as the LED light ring illuminates the captivating glass ball, dancing in harmony with the flowing water.


Easy to set up and relocate, our indoor water fountains offer flexibility to enjoy their serene beauty wherever you unwind. Simply connect the tube to the pump, fill the tank, and switch on for instant tranquillity.


Create your own oasis of calm with our indoor water feature, perfect for meditation sessions or simply unwinding after a busy day. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of flowing water and let your mind drift into a state of relaxation.



  • Water Circulation Pump with Integrated LED
  • 1.5m Power Cable
  • UK 3-Pin Plug
  • Detailed Instructions Included
  • Dimensions: H:25cm, W:21cm, D:17.5cm