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Silver Jasper - The Magic Dragon

Silver Jasper - The Magic Dragon


Discover the captivating "Silver Jasper" from our 'Magic Dragons' collection – an enchanting piece that brings the allure of mythical realms into your home. Silver Jasper draws inspiration from the mesmerising world of dragons and features the same innovative technology found in our beloved LED Glitter Clam Lights.


Experience the enchanting glow of Silver Jasper as it casts a mesmerising play of lights. With its advanced LED technology, this dragon-themed glitter LED light creates an ambiance akin to twinkling stars within the ball held by a silver-toned dragon silhouette. Whether for children or adults, Silver Jasper adds a touch of wonder to any room.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Silver Jasper transcends mere decoration; it embodies fantasy and imagination. The LED RGB Light technology not only ensures visual brilliance but also energy efficiency, offering a lasting and captivating addition to your living space.

Each dragon features USB connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly power it using a mains source or power bank. 


Committed to excellence, Silver Jasper undergoes rigorous testing and is crafted to the highest standards. Elevate your interior with the mythical charm of Silver Jasper – a radiant addition to our 'Magic Dragons' range that seamlessly blends imagination with technology.


Embark on a journey into fantasy with Silver Jasper, where the magic of dragons unfolds in a dazzling display of light and wonder. Enrich your space with this extraordinary addition to our collection and transform it into a sanctuary of enchantment.


Dimensions: H: 27cm W: 20cm D: 15cm