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Crystal Infused Water Bottles

According to many ancient cultures such as the    Celts, Egyptian, Druids and the Chinese the Crystal healing is a therapeutic technique that utilises stones and crystals as healing tools


Crystals and gems are rocks with the power of healing, they are  the basis of our  foundation in life and everything we have  has a frequency or vibration.


Water has been used as an energetic medium because it adapts and stores the frequency of other objects.

Dr Emoto demonstrated the water ability to pick up and store frequency, in his experiments he shows how the vibration    frequencies    from things such as thoughts and music will affect the structure of water when it's frozen.


Looking for a lifestyle gift for a friend? Then look no further! Our Crystal infused water bottles are a great gift to help someone kick start their fitness journey, or maybe help them on their self-love journey! As studies show charging our drinking water with powerful intentions and energy can have a vast improvement on our overall wellbeing. Whether you want to align your charkra's, find inner peace or simply up your water intake. THIS is the water bottle for you!