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Crystal Meditation & Wellness Set

Crystal Meditation & Wellness Set

39,99£ Precio
19,99£Precio de oferta

Sense Aroma are proud to present their newest relaxation and lifestyle tool The Crystal Meditation & Wellness Set containing eighteen (18) hand selected pieces of semi-precious gem stones to help take your mediation sessions to the next level. 


A readymade gift for someone who's committed to unlocking their chakra's and cleansing their aura to alleviate any negative energy at source. The gift of crystals is much more than what it appears, you are gifting them the tools to a happier, positively charged way of life!


Included in our amazing gift set are 18 pieces listed below;


Rose Quartz

Lapis Lazuli

Red Jasper

Yellow Tiger Eye

Black Tourmaline



Clear Quartz

Black Obsidian

Mini Rose Quartz

Mini Lapis Lazuli

Mini Red Jasper

Mini Yellow Tiger Eye

Mini Black Obsidian

Mini Clear Quartz

Mini Aventurine

Mini Amethyst