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Criss Cross Basket Salt Lamp

Criss Cross Basket Salt Lamp

34,99£ Regular Price
24,99£Sale Price

Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique, with colours ranging from a beautiful pinks, warm oranges and even deep reds. Every lamp comprises of pure Himalayan salts carefully selected and expertly carved by the premium craftsmen in Pakistan. Himalayan pink salt lamp absorbs water and particles from the air, then, when heated the salt releases cleansed water vapor and positive ions into the air, whilst also expelling negative ions which effect your airways.  


Himalayan salt lamps not only have many health benefits but looks great whilst they bring warmth and glow to any living space.


Please note due to the product being hand made all products may differ slightly.


Cable and bulbs are included. Uses 15W bulb. Cabel lengh: 1.5 meter