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Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp (USB)

Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp (USB)


Feast your eyes on the captivating Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp with USB, a delightful combination of natural Himalayan salt and the soft glow of LED lights. This unique salt lamp features two back to back hearts crafted from genuine Himalayan salt crystals, radiating a serene and warm ambiance.


The natural salt crystals used in this lamp are carefully hand-carved, showcasing the distinctive patterns and hues of Himalayan salt. The double heart design adds a romantic touch, making it a perfect gift for loved ones or a charming addition to any space.


The LED lights embedded within the salt lamp emit a gentle, soothing glow in a combination of white and orange hues. This enchanting colour palette creates a tranquil atmosphere, promoting relaxation and serenity. With the option to switch between different lighting modes, you can customise the ambiance to suit your preferences and create the perfect mood for any occasion.


Designed with convenience in mind, the Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp comes with a USB cable, allowing you to power it through various devices such as laptops, power banks, or USB wall adapters. This feature makes it easy to place the lamp in any desired location without the need for a dedicated power outlet.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Himalayan salt is renowned for its potential health benefits. When heated by the LED lights, the salt releases negative ions into the air, which are believed to cleanse and purify the surrounding environment. This may promote a sense of well-being, alleviate stress, and improve air quality.


The compact size of the Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp makes it a versatile décor piece that can be placed on a bedside table, desk, or shelf. Whether used as a nightlight, meditation aid, or simply as an exquisite decorative accent, this lamp brings a touch of natural beauty and tranquillity to any space.


Indulge in the soothing glow and enchanting energy of the Double Heart White & Orange LED Salt Lamp with USB. Let its warm and inviting light transform your surroundings, creating a serene sanctuary where you can unwind, relax, and bask in the unique charm of Himalayan salt.


  • USB Connectivity
  • 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt
  • Each double heart candle holder weighs 900 grams 
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