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Evil Eye Lava Rock Bracelet

Evil Eye Lava Rock Bracelet


Introducing our Evil Eye Lava Rock Bracelet – a stylish blend of cultural symbolism and personal adornment. This bracelet is thoughtfully crafted with an elasticated band, ensuring a universally perfect fit for your wrist.


The focal point of this accessory is the captivating Evil Eye bead, a symbol with roots in various cultures. The Evil Eye is believed to offer protection against malevolent glares and negative energies. Originating in ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, the Evil Eye is a talisman used to ward off ill-wishing and bring good fortune to the wearer.


The Evil Eye Lava Rock Bracelet seamlessly combines the rustic charm of lava rocks with the protective symbolism of the Evil Eye. Lava rocks, with their porous nature, serve as ideal diffusers for essential oils, allowing you to carry your preferred scents and enjoy a personalised fragrance experience throughout the day.


Whether you seek cultural significance, a touch of mystique, or simply a fashionable accessory, the Evil Eye Lava Rock Bracelet is a versatile addition to your collection. Embrace the rich history and protective aura of the Evil Eye, elegantly embodied in this unique and stylish bracelet.


Please be aware that the product you receive may look slightly different to the image shown. This is because the crystals used are natural chippings and the crystal placement is random when being placed onto the bracelet itself.