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Hand of Fatima-Crown Chakra Stone Incense Holder

Hand of Fatima-Crown Chakra Stone Incense Holder


Introducing our Hand of Fatima - Crown Chakra Soap Stone Incense Holder, a captivating and spiritually enlightening piece that connects you to higher consciousness and spiritual awakening during your incense-burning rituals.


Crafted from soapstone, this exquisite holder features the sacred Hand of Fatima symbol combined with the Crown Chakra design, making it a powerful tool for enhancing your spiritual practice. Soapstone, a natural and earthy material known for its durability and heat resistance, provides the perfect canvas for our incense holder. The smooth surface of soapstone beautifully showcases the intricate Hand of Fatima and Crown Chakra designs, elevating the aesthetics and authenticity of the holder.


The Hand of Fatima, a symbol of protection and blessings in many cultures, is believed to offer divine guidance and blessings from the universe. By combining it with the Crown Chakra design, which represents spiritual connection, higher consciousness, and self-realization, this incense holder becomes a potent reminder of the importance of expanding your awareness and embracing spiritual growth.


When used as an incense holder, soapstone offers several benefits due to its unique properties. Its heat resistance ensures that the holder remains cool to the touch during and after burning incense, providing a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, soapstone has a natural density that prevents it from absorbing the scents of previous incense sessions, preserving the purity of each fragrance.


Our Hand of Fatima - Crown Chakra Soap Stone Incense Holder not only serves as a functional accessory but also as a decorative piece that adds a touch of cultural elegance to any space. Whether used during meditation, yoga, or simply to create a serene ambiance, this holder brings a sense of spirituality and mindfulness to your surroundings. This incense holder holds a singular incense stick in the centre of the Crown Chakra Symbol.


Embrace the powerful symbolism and natural beauty of our Hand of Fatima - Crown Chakra Soap Stone Incense Holder. Infuse your incense rituals with a deeper sense of spiritual connection and awakening, while the soapstone properties ensure a safe and enriching experience. Order now and elevate your spiritual practices with this exquisite and meaningful incense holder.