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Harmony Indoor Water Feature

Harmony Indoor Water Feature

34,99£ Prix original
24,99£Prix promotionnel

Unwind with the relaxing sound of running water overlooked by the resting Buddha. Perfectly perched to inspire you to delve deep into your relaxation ritual and create a soothing environment right in the heart of your own home. 


We spend so much time worrying about everything going on around us that we often neglect our self care habits. But no longer... Install an indoor water feature in your home to unleash the serenity and calmness that yiu and your habitat deserve. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to the tranquil surroundings of your new water fountain... absolute bliss.


Featuring our signature glass spinning ball and LED colour changing light technology, you'll be mesmerised watching thed reflections shimmer of your walls. 


  • Water Circulation Pump with LED Included
  • 1.5m Power Cable
  • USB Powered
  • Instructions Included
  • H:25cm W:21cm D:17.5cm