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Sea Shell LED Colour Changing Mood Lamp - Metallic Silver

Sea Shell LED Colour Changing Mood Lamp - Metallic Silver

24,99£ Standardpreis

She sells seashells by the seashore... And you can too!


Take a look at our Sea Shell LED Colour Changing Lamp, with an added twist! 


Our brand new Clam-like LED Lamp in metallic silver is an enticing bedroom addition that brings vibrant colours and a soothing ambience to any room it's in. Sat perfectly inside the clam is a pearl-like sphere containing glitter infused fluid that swirls around when the lamp is switched on. The glitter ball lights up and fades through the colour spectrum to create an out of this world experience for all who witness it's magic. 


Each Sea Shell Lamp comes equipped with a USB lead but can also be battery operated for a wireless experience.


The perfect gift for your loved ones or little ones. The versatile power solutions mean this lamp can be used as a bedside nightlight, bedroom decoration or even as a piece of table top décor. A truly multi-purpose gift!


  • USB Powered or Battery Operated (3 x AAA Batteries)
  • Cable Length 1m
  • Instructions included
  • Batteries Not Included