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Moodscape Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture

Moodscape Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture

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Introducing our captivating Moodscape Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture – a mesmerising piece of interactive décor designed to transport you into a world of tranquility and visual delight. Crafted with precision and elegance, this mirrored ring sand art brings a unique twist to the Moodscape collection.


Designed to relieve stress and aid relaxation, the Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture promises an everchanging visual spectacle. Rotate the ring 180 degrees to witness a breath taking display of colours and scenes that evolve with every turn.


Resting on a sleek white base, this sand picture offers versatility in display. The enchantment continues as an embedded LED light strip illuminates the frame, casting a gentle glow on the cascading sand and glitter. With a convenient on/off button and USB connectivity, you can seamlessly transport the calming ambiance to any room. Simply hold the ON/OFF button for three seconds to turn the device on and off. 


There's three (3) different lighting options - Static, Flashing and Gentle Flow. Simply tap the ON/OFF button until you get the lighting option or coloured light of your choosing. 


As the sand gracefully falls and settles, intricate 3D images emerge, creating a landscape that is both fascinating and unique. The mirrored ring design adds a touch of modern sophistication to this classic art form.


Perfect for individuals of all ages, the Moodscape Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture is not just a decorative piece; it's an experience. Whether adorning your home or office, this moving sand art picture stands as a creative and distinctive addition. Gift a moment of endless relaxation and visual wonder with this remarkable piece.


Choose the Moodscape Mirrored Ring Red Sand Picture and bring the art of serenity into your space. 


WARNING - This item includes a sharp item and is not suitable to be sold to any persons under the age of 18.


Available in a variety of colours to suit your style and mood.