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Pearl Moroccan Geometric Wax Warmer

Pearl Moroccan Geometric Wax Warmer

39,99£ Standardpreis

A new dimension of wax warmers are upon us! Our Geometric warmers are beautifully intriguing with their multiple mosaic faces, making the light inside disperse into a gorgeous display of reflections. 


Hand crafted, each piece of mosaic is delicately added to the burner to ensure a fabulous finish with great care taken to produce such a magnificent piece of home décor. 


The Geometric Burner can be used with both waxes and fragrance oils so customers aren't restricted to only one kind of fragrance product. 


Each burner comes with a specially made square dish to hold their fragrance of choice, the dish has long edges to ensure any liquid fragrance cannot seep into the bulb area.


  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be used with wax melts or fragrance oil
  • 3-Pin UK Mains Powered
  • Instructions Included
  • Fitted with a 40W E14 bulb