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Pink Colour Changing Water Droplet Burner

Pink Colour Changing Water Droplet Burner

29,99£ Standardpreis

Introducing our fantastic LED Colour Changing Burners - the ultimate way to enhance your home with delightful scents and captivating visuals! Say goodbye to ordinary burners and hello to an experience that's both fun and unique!


Picture this: You simply place your favorite fragrance into the glass dish, and let our hot plate technology work its magic. As the fragrance warms up, you'll be treated to a mesmerising light display that changes before your eyes. It's like a mini light show right in your own home!


Clean-up is a breeze with our removable glass dish, making changing fragrances a snap. Plus, with LED technology, you can enjoy energy-efficient operation while still indulging in the full spectrum of colors. That's right - our burners cycle through 7 vibrant colours, so you can set the mood just right.


Switching between colours is as easy as, well, flipping a switch! Simply turn on the burner and let it cycle through the colours until you find the one that suits your vibe. And with its sleek design and easy operation, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Perfect for use with wax melts and fragrance oils, our burners are a must-have for any home. Each unit comes individually boxed, so you can enjoy the excitement of unboxing your new favourite accessory.


With a generous 180cm cable length and included instructions, setup is a breeze. So why wait? Transform your space with our LED Colour Changing Burners today!