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Platinum Buddha Fountain

Platinum Buddha Fountain

34,99£ Prix original
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Introducing the Platinum Buddha Indoor Water Feature, a stunning addition to any home decor.


Crafted with care from durable poly-resin, this fountain boasts rich, dark hues accented with silver touches, bringing an air of elegance to your space. As day turns to night, watch as the LED light enhances the beauty of the natural stone-coloured bowls, casting a serene glow that sets a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation.


Setting up your indoor water fountain is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, you can easily move it around your home to enjoy its calming presence wherever you unwind. Just connect the tube to the pump, fill the tank with water, and switch it on for instant tranquillity.


Many of our customers find that incorporating an indoor water fountain into their meditation routine enhances their practice, providing a serene backdrop to focus on their Chakras and achieve inner peace.

- Water Circulation Pump with LED Included
- 1.5m Power Cable
- UK 3-Pin Mains Powered
- Instructions Included
- Dimensions: H:25cm W:20.5cm D:17.5cm