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Single Candle Holder

Single Candle Holder


There's possibly nothing better than a beautiful smelling candle lighting up your room serving ambience and vibes. Apart from having a beautiful piece of hand carved Himalayan Salt to hold your lovely candle!


Turn any flickering flame into a gorgeous glow with the help of Himalayan Salt. As you place your favourite candle inside the holder, watch the flame become magnified and mellowed to create the calmest ambience you could ever imagine. 


The candle holder helps to prevent heat damage on your furniture by acting as a barrier between the candle and your surfaces. Whilst the salt retains the heat, it ensures that your candle burns equally and not to leave waxy walls and a hollow wick. 


Himalayan Salt is known for the wellbeing benefits, with it's capablity to absorb positive ions when cold and when heated converts them into negative ions which helps to clear the air and make breathing easier.