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LED Colour Changing Burner (Rose Gold Buddha)

LED Colour Changing Burner (Rose Gold Buddha)

29,99£ Prix original
19,99£Prix promotionnel

Expanding on our Buddha range of Aroma Lamps we have create this show stopping design that will not only melt your favourite fragrance, but you will have the choice of 7 different stunning colours to display whilst the fragrance is thrown around the room.


Can't decide on one colour? Neither could we! That's why all of our LED colour changing lamps come with the filtration feature of the jaw dropping light show. Simply turn on to watch your lamp illuminate and fade through the 7 colour cycle. 


Choose from 7 colours, on either shuffle mode or the colour of your choosing. (Switch operated)

  • Specifications

    Dimensions of Product:

    Height 26cm Width 10.5cm