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Moodscape Wooden Base Grey Sand Picture

Moodscape Wooden Base Grey Sand Picture

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£7.99Sale Price

Our relaxing range of Moodscape Sand Art pictures are interactive, mesmerising, and versatile pieces of décor, ideal for relieving stress and helping you to unwind, in the comfort of your own home. Turn your sand picture 180 degrees to see a spectacular colour show and everchanging scenes.

Housed on a wooden base, users are free to stand their Moodscape whichever way they choose, horizontally or diagonally – the fun never ends! This allows users to create beautiful sand art that NEVER looks the same twice.  What’s more, is the wooden base comes fitted with an LED light strip that illuminates the frame and highlights the sand and glitter as it floats down, creating gorgeous sandy landscapes. With a simple on/off button and USB connectivity, Moodscape Sand Pictures are portable to any room!

Feel at peace as the sand falls and settles at the bottom of the frame, creating 3D images that change with every turn. The sand trickles down between the air bubbles to produce fascinating sand mountains that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Captivating for people of all ages and offers endless relaxation. Moving sand art pictures are a creative and unique addition to your home of office, they also make incredible gifts!

Available in a variety of colours.