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Silver Flower Tealight Burner ( 14 cm high)

Silver Flower Tealight Burner ( 14 cm high)

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Add some glamour to your me time with a Sense Aroma Mosaic Tealight Burner. Watch as the sunlight catches the elegant pieces of mosaic shards and the reflection dnaces across your room. 


The Silver Flower Mosaic Tealight Burner is a unique burner that requires no electric! Using the age old method of a naked flame to heat your wax melts or fragrance oil to release beautiful aroma's. 

The design of the burner ensures that the tealight has a protective barrier surrounding it, for safety measures whilst the two ventilator holes allow for sufficient air flow so that the flame doesn't dwindle. 

The deep concave dish gives you more than enough room to add as much fragrance as you like without worrying that it will overflow once melted. What's more is that the glass design enables easy clean up; by heating your fragrance for 30-60 seconds the wax melt disc will slide right out.