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Wing of Fire Backflow Burner

Wing of Fire Backflow Burner

29,99£ Standardpreis

The Wing of Fire Backflow burner defies the laws of gravity as it gently pulls the fragrant smoke downwards through the scenic castle and over the entrance steps . Be amazed as the incense flows like water and fills your room with refreshing aroma's!  


What's more is this delectable Backflow burner has the capacity to burn two incense at a time!

Choose from burning an incense cone, or stick or treat yourself and ignite both at the same time.


Create an aromatic atmosphere with our eye-catching incense burner in any room. Your home should be peaceful and relaxing and with the help of this backflow burner you can achieve optimum serenity in a few simple steps. Just add an incense cone, ignite, and relax...


Perfect as a gift for loved ones or a calming treat for ones self!


Materials: Ceramic