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Aurora Green Mosaic Diffuser

Aurora Green Mosaic Diffuser


You loved the Aurora so much that we've brought you these NEW luxurious shades to take your interior styling to the next level. Our glamourous mosaic diffuser uses Ultrasonic waves to instantly vapourise the water and fragrance oil, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.


Our high quality aroma diffuser also has an Auto Shut-Off feature, ensuring that your new piece of decor will turn off when the water contents gets too low. 


With 3 timer settings you are able to set your diffuser to mist over the course of 1hr or 3hrs otherwise you can set your Aurora to diffuse continuously! This allows for optimal usage specific to your needs.


The large capacity tank holds up to 100ml of water which is enough to diffuse for 3 hours.


How to use:

1. Unpack your diffuser. Connect the power lead to your diffuser and then to a power supply. 

2. Remove the mosaic casing and water tank lid. 

3. Fill the water tank to the Max. fill line.

4. Optional - Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil

5. Cover the water tank with the lid and put the mosaic casing into place. 

6. Turn on!